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Why essential oils?

Essential oils have been around for many 1,000s of years. In biblical times, frankincense and myrrh were given for healing. Flowers such as lavender, geraniums, and so forth were used in pomanders or sachet to mask the stench in medieval times. Oils when diluted can go a long way. They can be amazing impacter on a persons health, mood , and can change the molecular structure of a room. They don’t just mask the smell they change the smell. Just think of that wonderful smell lavender gives off as you diffuse it in your home or that warm feeling you get when applying peppermint. Oils are amazing impacters that I can not wait to tell you about.

(In this post I am not claiming that essential oils heal diseases or cure anything. I am telling you my experience and why I love them.)

Why do I use oils?

I have been using oils for awhile now and love how long they last. I personally love the beneficial properties to my families health and I love how they are clean, smell amazing, pure and so much fun to use. In the world today where products with chemicals, and companies that dilute products for mass production instead of quality, really doesn’t sit well with me. When I buy a product I want to know that it’s pure and not going to harm me. I want a company that I can trust and young living does that for me. I have peace of mind when I’m using my oils. Plus they go a long way! There is about 90 drops to a small bottle which means 90 ways to use it. I mean USE it not 90 days and it’s gone. Essential oils go a long way and you only need 1-2 drops per dilution which will impact every cell in your body. If your worried about how long they stay in your system they leave within 15-24 hours after use. If your making soap, lotion, cleaner you may use a few more drops but to be honest your still saving money. When I got over the fear of if I would be loosing money, I ended up seeing all the ways I could save money by using the oils. They go a long way and I’m happy how they have benefited my family in these ways.

The Family of oils

I love it when my husband reminds me to try my oils after all else has failed. It gives me joy to know he believes in them and I do to! My husband loves loves loves the Deep relief. It smells so good while it works to help relieve muscle aches. For me, when I was pregnant with my son I used peppermint to help my headaches and lavender baths to help me calm down. We both love a oil blend called Stress away. Its sweet smell brings us joy and happiness during even the most difficult days for us. My son who is about three months old has very very sensitive skin. Anything that I put on him I have to be careful on my dilution ratio and how much I put on him. At first, I start in area that may be a little bit sensitive such as the inner thigh we’re all his little roles are. I see if it creates a rash which can take a couple days to figure out. You always want to play it on the safe side with babies and kids. Dilute it well like 1 drop of oil that is safe for kids to 30 drops coconut oil or oil of choice. Some people feel oils are not safe for kids but that is an iffy topic. I have heard from many doctors to use them and then some who are against them. For me, truly, aluminum, preservatives, parabens, and other toxic chemicals they put in other products doesn’t sit well with me. I have used brands with chemicals, synthetic oils and have had worse results which ended up costing more because we couldn’t continue using the diapers, creams, oils and ended up spending more. Im not saying that every product will hurt you and even I have had to use medically prescribed creams but I would rather take a natural approach instead. Dealing with kids you just have to be careful and research what is safe and what isn’t. And young living has a Seedling line for kids and babies so definitely check that out!

What you need to know?

When buying oils you want to buy 100% A therapeutic grade. Young living has a vast majority of oils and they are pure. If an oil bottle has an expiration date on it that is a clue that the oil has been diluted and thinned with other products/substances/chemicals. When stored in a dark place oils will last you a life time. When I was just learning about oils I used a brand that kept giving me headaches. The bottle probably contained preservatives and whatever else the company used. That’s why it’s so important to find an oil that is pure. yes it is true that pure oils cost a lot in the first purchase but in the long run does it really? Let’s say you break out by the cheaper oil you bought. You then spend money on creams, ointment, oatmeal, you name it and in some sever cases could land in the hospital. Now I’m not saying that some pure oils may never give you a rash there is always that chance but with proper dilution and testing the product on your skin will determine how well it works for you.

Is there a catch?

There isn’t a catch with young living. If you choose to buy the oils and not sell them there isn’t a payment or secret fee you have to pay. You just sign up and start shopping. For members you receive benefits such as oils being cheaper like a 24% discount from whole sale and who doesn’t love to save money. And you only need to spend $50 a YEAR to keep active. If you choose to sell them, then you only need to spend 100pv a month in order to be paid. That’s it! These oils, cleaners,make up, baby line and so much more can replace products that you used to buy and you can feel great knowing that what you are buying is pure. And who knows, you may find some newer products to love. Check out our kits!

Are you interested and passionate about oils? Ask me how to get started!

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