Easy Fall makeup and outfit picture post

For a person who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup this look is a little heavy for me. I usually go for a very simple natural look or bare but I enjoy playing with makeup. I realize my makeup is not blended on one of my eyes and that’s okay!

Down below I listed the items I used. as you can see I own a lot of 100% pure.  I absolutely love 100% pure! My lipsticks I bought from my local dollar general and it has been a favorite of mine this season!

I really had fun with this look. Almost everyone has a flannel and it looks super cute with a cardigan. I imagine you could use any color cardigan or flannel but this is what I had so I went with it. I think it hides that post partum belly pretty well. Ps My husband who is not a professional at taking photos had fun showing off my fall look and was a great sport for helping me out! Thanks love 😘

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