Journey to becoming Debt Free

Journey to being debt free #intro

So Ben and I have been on this journey to become debt free. It has been challenging and hard to say the least but we did it.

I did not log the stories and experience into my blog because time got the better of me. So In the next few posts, I will be writing about our journey and how we became debt free.

I firstly will say that we are by no means bragging or trying to make anyone feel inferior. We understand that debt is a hard thing to deal with and a lot of emotions involved. However, becoming debt free is something to be rejoiced over as it is removing a burden that was weighing us down. If we did it I know you can too!

We know that our foundation in God really got us through and we could not have conjured up the many blessings He provided on our own. So if you are curious on our journey I urge you to stay tuned for future postings on Mondays.

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