Baby Fashion

*This post has affiliated links. My baby will receive a small portion that will be used for college in the future.

I was excited when @aprilmoon_boutique reached out to use our baby as a model. There site is located on Instagram and they have over 105k followers. They have a cute selection of kids clothes that can meet your kiddos wants and needs. I love the minimalist collection. Normally, I am someone to buy locally and ethically, but I thought I would check them out.

I love that part of their portions go to Crossroads for women where they help women transition from crisis to empowerment! Check out there website for more info! Check out the link below to receive 25% off your entire order! Happy shopping

Dapper Boy:

Baby is wearing part of there minimalist collection

  • Cotton Buttonup Winter Onesie in Romper 2 white (it’s more of a cream color to be honest)
  • Cotton Newborn Romper color Khaki

My little baby bear:

  • Valence set

Affiliate link: Check them out on Instagram https://aprilmoon.casca_ref=113346.vpe5EhJBnZ

Use code —> Jedi20 <—to receive 25% of your order.

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