Spring Makeup Look

Hey y’all so instead of writing about my fitness journey today, I thought I’d share with you a feel good about yourself post. Since we all have been in quarantine, I have been trying to keep a positive attitude and utilizing the time I have to get things done. I’ve been taking time to pray, read my bible, and write in my kids journals. But today I needed to get myself going so I decided to put makeup on and look my best even if I wasn’t 100% feeling it or going anywhere. So today I am showing you my spring makeup look.

While I do have other brands of makeup, I absolutely LOVE 100% Pure makeup!! When I was in search of a natural animal cruelty free makeup, I found them about 6 years ago. They are my go to for my makeup needs and probably always will be. I have tried other brands such as the physicians formula and Maybelline Mascara but I do not enjoy them as much. And no this is not sponsored. Sadly😞.

I love the variety of color lipsticks they have and they last a long time! One of my favorite colors is calendula. It has a peachier orange look instead of pink and it’s my favorite for a natural look. Anyway, this post isn’t about 100% pure though. So my fitness journey is going fine and I am starting to see progress. My “in between” pants finally fit nicely and I’m able to put on my shirts without them squeezing my arms off. In total I have only lost 7 lbs but that’s a good start. My goal is to get back down to 125 which is a nice healthy weight for my height.

It important to remind myself that I am beautiful even if I’m not at my goal weight. Especially good for my kids to see a positive mom instead of a negative one. It teaches them how to handle hard situations that my brain out of their control. When I start to go down a negative path, I start to repeat my mantras.

“God made me unique and beautiful.

“I am loved and loved by others

My looks do not define me.

Every little bit of weight loss helps

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