Advice For New Bloggers

As I am entering into the world of Vlogging, Blogging and Social Media there are some key points I am noticing over and over again. And since I have gained 130 followers in the last two months I thought I’d share some tips with you. It’s important to remember that there is a lot of tips out there so try not to become overwhelmed with it all. This is my personal opinion and it’s created to help you on your journey in whatever direction that may be.

The first tip I want to talk about is Success Doesn’t Come Easily. A few months ago I decided I wanted to pick up blogging again and stick with it no matter what. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t see much growth when I first started so I quit. After a year or two and a lot of maturing, I’ve decided to come back to my blog. I feel very strongly that it goes along with the career path I have chosen; however, my attitude and perspective have changed. Followers are PEOPLE with emotions and value. They aren’t some kind of sheep who should like you just because you think your the It’s going to take time to grow and while your growing it’s important to value each individual that is sent to your page even if they don’t stay.

The second tip I want to talk about is Writing From The Heart. As I started to blog, I started to get sucked into people’s advice and how I SHOULD blog instead of how I COULD blog. The only person that consistently told me to write from my heart was my husband but when you see successful people out there blogging everyday with “How to do this” or “5 ways to lose weight” you start to think your doing something wrong. I’m going to tell you, you are NOT doing ANYTHING wrong. If you stay true to you and what you feel like writing people will come because they like you. You have to remember that you are unique and have something different that others may relate too.

Third tip is Be okay with failing. Time and time again I have had to go back edit and then publish only to find spelling errors, pictures cropped wrong or just sentence that didn’t make sense. You have to feel okay with failing because it’s apart of the process. But instead of getting down, frustrated or upset give yourself permission to be okay with failing. Failing actually is a key component to success. If we automatically had success every time we did something we would lose the sense of value drive or determination to get to the end goal. I’ve failed so many times and I’m still learning. I’m okay with the process.

My fourth tip: Be you, Be true and be genuine. People didn’t come to your blog because you are just like so and so who is famous. They came to your blog because of you. Don’t try to be something your not. If you enjoy posts about cooking, makeup, or gardening then write that stuff down! You may not always attract everyone or even anyone for that matter but don’t do it for other people. Do it because you want to and it makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy then ask yourself why are you doing it in the first place. Also be genuine. While the world around us has gained success like a McDonald’s drive thru aka Instagram people, be okay with promoting others and being kind. Don’t be fake and add a bunch of people to try to “gain” followers. I once did a follow train on Instagram and I will never do one again because it takes away the genuine part of you. While others may be okay with a quick follow; I however am not. I want to be as genuine and kind to those who are on social media. There is a person behind that screen and to be honest if we all acted how we do on social media I bet ya some of us would be friendless.

That brings me to my fifth tip: Don’t worry and Don’t compare. There really isn’t any reason to worry. If you are putting effort into your blog and relaxed about the outcome things will be much easier for you. Plus people can see when you are being calm and when you are worried in your writing. Sometimes this looks like a rushed blog post to meet a quota. In addition, we see what other people are doing and feel inadequate in our own writing. Trust me they didn’t start out with 10,000 subscribers and probably started out like you and me. They had to pour time, effort, tears and probably years into the blog that they have now. Like I said in tip number one it will take time and your not being fair to yourself by comparing yourself to the highest blogger, YouTuber or person you most admire.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips for blogging. Why do you blog? What is the most important tip you have learned during your writing process?

4 thoughts on “Advice For New Bloggers

  1. I really like this. Many new bloggers write posts like this, but most of them say the usual (self-host, network like crazy, set up social media, etc.). It’s so important, though, to just be yourself. The readers will come with time, and I love finding established blogs and then going back to their early days and seeing just how far they’ve come. Best of luck on your journey!

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