Body Image #10

We are in the double digits!! I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks already since I started this journey! So this week I decided to vlog about my time working out. I talk about persistence and how not to give up and why. There are a lot of reasons why but I just named a few in the vlog. Please check it out for further information. As always I am very honored you are following me in this journey. Sometimes I feel that my husband is the only one motivating me to press on blogging and vlogging this journey. Your comments, likes, and views to each page means a lot to me. So once again thank you for that encouragement through this process..

Ninja Turtle Time! Body Image Update!
Please check out this video! Thank you!


  • What am I working out to: Walking 3 miles everyday
  • Original Weight (start date 02/27/20): 154 lbs
  • Last week weight: 139.8 lbs
  • New weight: 137.6
  • Weight lost this week: 2.2 lbs
  • Weight lost total: 17.1 lbs
  • Time working out this week: 6
  • Diet: Healthy
  • Pant size: 8/9

Ultimate Goal:

  • Reach a size 4/6
  • Reach 125 lbs
  • I have 17 more pounds to go!!

If you are liking my Body image journey please subscribe, like, and and tell me about your fitness journey in the comments below! * I am not a health or fitness coach. I am a mom who really wants to lose weight and be healthy. Please consult your doctor before working out. Thanks!

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