How to take care of a Fiddle Leaf Fig

When dealing with plants it’s so important to figure out what that plant needs. What nutrients it needs, how much light and how much to water it. They are all different so basic watering just won’t cut it for some plants. Today we are going to talk about fiddle leaf figs. I recently bought a fiddle leaf fig and I was super pumped about it. The price was $15 dollars and I just couldn’t pass Mr. Fiddle up. However, this dude plant needed some pruning and some care pronto. Now, I’m not an expert but you don’t have to be in order to maintain a plant. You just have to do a little research and listen to others on how they have had success or what they have failed with with their plants.

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This is him before I pruned him.
This is him after I trimmed him up.

Things to know when dealing with a fiddle leaf:

  1. Fiddle leafs love humid climates so don’t stick them in or near an area prone to draft or air conditioning.
  2. They are finicky and dislike being transplanted. The container you buy it in is perfect until you start to see roots coming through the bottom holes. But until then just get a cute basket and stick them in it.
  3. They are prone to pests so it’s important to check them regularly.
  4. Check out what kind of nutrition they need in the soil. Is the ph good or is it to high?
  5. They need to be able to drain as much water as possible. You can make a drainage tray by adding a few stones to a plastic or clay tray. The way you can tell if they need to be watered is by touching the top of the soil. If it’s moist then they most likely won’t need to be watered. If it’s dry then you need to water it. Probably every two weeks.
  6. Fiddle leafs are prone to root rot and this is because of over watering. When my friend didn’t know why her fiddle was dying I told her it looked like root rot. When this happens the leaves will look like this photo below:
This is the plant that my friend gave me. He is on the road to recovery and even has two new leaves.

In order to save your plant you will have to go in and take out the dead roots. They will look brown with no white vein in the center. They will look like little frail pieces of hair and well…. rotted.

This is some of the roots I pulled.
Two new leaves. One came out funky so I’m calling this guy Mr. Funky
This is Mr. Fiddles new leaf.
This is how I’m draining them for now.

Once you know how to take care of them it’s relatively easy to maintain their health. I hope this helps you with your fiddle leaf plant. If you would like more posts like this please leave a comment down below and as always thanks for reading! The next plant I will be writing about is orchid care and how I was accidentally killing them.

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