♥️ Earrings Schmearrings ♥️ *GIVEAWAY*

Yay I just reached my 200 WordPress follower!! Thank you all for your support and love it means so much to me. And if you aren’t following I’d love it if you would take the time to SUBSCRIBE. Thank you!! And since I have reached 200 WordPress, 358 total!! I will be doing a giveaway, rules are listed at the end of this post. And I don’t know about you but I love getting free things. Today’s post is not sponsored but I wanted to take some time to rave about Earrings Schmearrings. When my friend started to make earrings, I jumped on the opportunity check her stuff out! Her collection did not disappoint me and the honest, kindness and personality shows through her work. In addition, I am all for supporting local/smaller businesses instead of corporations. Why? Because it’s most likely the items you buy from a local/ smaller business is more likely to be authentic, genuine and hand crafted. Not like corporations where they sometimes use the cheapest materials, exploit workers, and their quality is cheap. Her collection is filled with fun, stylish earrings that any woman would love. Her collections range from: All Natural Healing, Summer Vibes, Earthy Vibes, Just For Fun, For A Cause, and a Mystery Box!!

Earring Schmearrings has a unique style and a wide variety to chose from. The only issue you may run into is trying not to buy the whole lot of items!! Trust me it’s tempting!! I’m a person who loves simple classy earrings yet I also love the pop of color and statement earrings she has. She has an awesome collection of simple and classy earrings that you need to check out too. Her items are light weight, because they are made out of polymer clay…(and I’m guessing a lot of love too.) She even does custom orders! What corporation do you know of who does that? I asked the creator a few questions to further expand on her unique collection because I want you to get to know the lady behind this amazing collection. And if you want to check out her collection click here!

What inspired you to create your line?

I was inspired to create my line by following other artists and having been involved in the arts from a young age, all the way through college.

What is the purpose behind the name?

I created my name randomly at my in laws house, I looked up online a name generator and this was an option, at first I thought it would be a huge joke, then I realized, so what ! It’s hilarious! And I ran with it!

Do you have a motto?

I don’t have a motto necessarily but I have a vibe, easy going, fun shapes and colors, all handcrafted in my home. I think every woman should feel good about themselves and accessories, hair, clothing and hygiene all contribute to the attitude of a woman and how they carry themselves and I just want to be a positive part of that for someone. A feel good product!

What makes your collection so special?

My collection is special because I personally hand make each piece start to finish, I send a personal note, I take feedback and I always try to give more than I get. And I don’t add any piece to the site that I’m not proud of, if it’s just ok I scrap it.

*Giveaway Rules*

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  2. Share my blog with 1 (or more) friends.
  3. That is it! I will announce the winner on instagram on September 3rd!

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