It’s come to my attention over the last few weeks that Sophie Long is not receiving the justice she deserves. Normally I do not write about such topics because I like to stay positive on my posts but this one hits me hard. As a mom I would do ANYTHING for the safety of my kids. My kids are my world. But what do you do when the people who are supposed to be protecting you and keeping you safe fail you? I have been following post after post to see the updates on what is happening to this poor child and her brothers and it’s horrific to see how lightly everything is being taken and how little amount of effort being put in by the police and CPS workers that are working on her case. I don’t know who the judge is but they obviously need a clear wake up call themselves. If someone is on fire the firemen come immediately to put out the fire or people will do what it takes to put out the fire. So why is it that someone is in danger and they are taking there sweet time deciding what to do.

In the recent video of Sophie talking with her dad, which I have provided for you right (here) she does not look well and has bags under her eyes. She is not acting normal and is cautious of what she has to say. I understand that kids of divorce act out and can be feed lies about the other parents…I was a kid of divorced parents and it can become uncivil very quickly and lies can be told. However, Sophie expresses herself by screaming and not wanting to get out of the car is a huge red flag for me. In addition, the grandmothers dismissal of the information Sophie gives her is another huge red flag. Not only that but how she is treated by her grandmother tells me all I need to know about her. You can tell in her eyes she is angered by Sophie’s unwillingness to cooperate and how she disrespects Sophie by yanking her out of the car shows me she has no respect for the child’s boundaries.

It’s unnerving and concerning that the police are telling everyone that she is “safe” yet we all know she clearly isn’t. So who do we call when the police force and CPS workers aren’t doing there job?? Who will be the voice for Sophie? How many more kids have to suffer because the system failed them? It’s not like they can say they didn’t know because half of America knows what is going on with Sophie. They will have to stand accountable for their lack of actions and efforts to save these kids. I just hope they save her before it’s to late or more abuse happens. I just wanted to let my readers know. Please pray for her and her family. Come on Texas your bigger than this. I do understand that they want to get all the information they can to assess the situation but they seem to not care if she is getting abused. All I’m saying is you don’t stick your hand back in the fire once you know it’s hot so why is this child being placed back into the “fire.”

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