Cuties Isn’t Cute

When you film a movie about a serial killer, you don’t actually murder the actors in the film to show murdering is wrong…so why does the film/commentary Cuties show the exact thing they are trying to speak against?

The media, music, movies, and pop culture has way to much control and influence on society. They have no one to keep them accountable for their actions. And because we have allowed/tolerated these abhorrent things in our home they have been allowed to run rampant. One of these being Cuties. And since everyone has an opinion, I thought I’d add my thoughts to the conversation. Firstly, I am not against the message of young women at the age of 13 figuring out life and finding their identity in this world. As they grow up, the hope is they will have wisdom, knowledge on how to take care of themselves, their family if they chose to have one, provide financially, be a pillar within the home and so on and so forth. God has placed a high value on women because they are the ones who both, nurture, and raise the next generation to be kind, decent human beings. Trust me I am not against a woman finding out who she is nor does Jesus want to devalue women. Jesus out of anyone actually spoke with women, healed their wounds, and often showed his powers to them first. Why? Because women were never meant to be devalued or unheard. They were meant to have value and be clothed with grace and beauty. What I am against is exploitation, abuse, over sexualizing, porn of any kind, and using women in all the wrong ways to gain profit or sexual gratification. I have a major issue when it involves the innocent of kids. But all I have to say is well played Maimouna Doucoure you got what you wanted. An award, your movie promoted, and you gave what all pedophiles dream of: child porn.

At first I couldn’t believe this movie was true. I didn’t even bother to do my research because I thought “how stupid would it be to put child porn into a movie that was supposed to be a message of a young 11 year who was showing the struggles and joys of growing up.” But as I dug deeper I was absolutely horrified in what I saw. This movie is not a movie that portrays any of the descriptions I’ve seen or heard. So, I decided to reach out to Netflix to find some more answers…this is was my convo.

Firstly, I was over sexualized as a child. I was shown women’s porn, shown things and told things that were inappropriate. As a mom, I strive to protect my kids and other kids from the harm that modern society has on a child’s heart. I look at this movie and am mortified that they would exploit these girls to show a “commentary” on the negative effects of sexualization of young women. But what really makes my blood boil is that people are being ignorant of the scenes that are “uncomfortable” aka child porn and are trying to look past that to see the deeper meaning. In addition, you can not be a Luke-warm person allowing bad things into your heart because they might have a good meaning mixed with it. This is like accidentally pouring salt into a batch of cookies. The message might look good but once you take a bit into it it’s just bad and unable to swallow.

But Bethany it’s not about porn but to show a girl who is becoming of age and shows the joy and pain…

Yeah sure it could be about that if you could excuse the soft porn, exploiting children, teaching kids to act sexual, become a woman at the age of 11, and be okay with this film using that description as the “true” narrative of the story.

Your just being sensitive…”

And your being plain ignorant. I’d rather be overly sensitive than ignorant. Because at the end of the day I’m accountable to God. It’s my responsibility to make sure my kids are knowledgeable about worldly topics without harming their souls. In addition, I’m all for a documentary or commentary that ACTUALLY educated people on the hardship of a young woman growing up. That this culture over sexualizes women…this film; however, is hypocritical and has child porn in it. I made the mistake of watching parts of it on FB and it made me so sick to my stomach.

“Leave it to the Christians to be against a movie about….”

Let me stop you right there….

  • If you know absolutely nothing about the Christian Faith please take a seat 🪑
  • If you do not read the Bible more than 3 times a week please take a seat 🪑
  • If you do not go to church or watch church take. A. Seat. 🪑

Sorry to be blunt but since when did you become an expert on the Christian Faith?? I’ll admit I’m no expert and I’m sure not perfect but I do take the time to research and spend time with God. If you know nothing about my faith don’t try to conjure up a lash back with it. Also, My faith doesn’t have to tell me that Cuties is morally wrong. That exploiting kids in a movie is wrong. That abusing a child’s innocence is wrong. I mean what was their directors like “ okay, pull down your pants and take a picture.” “Okay look at her while she sexually dances in front of you and look like it turns you on too.” That’s messed up, super inappropriate and so wrong. Oh, but it’s in a movie so it’s OKAY?? Oh but it’s supposed to be informational…Haha, you serious? Like I’ve never seen anyone murder someone to educate them that it’s bad to murder. Take a seat please 🪑

“Your closed minded….”

On the contrary I am a very educated person who does her research and would be be happy to write a post even further to explain my views and the research that shows how negatively impacting a child can be. I also can speak from childhood experience. But it’s because I am knowledgeable that I know this movie is hypocritical. Whether you like it or not this movie is teaching girls and boys that it’s okay to do this. How? Like all movies, toys, shows, games and other Hollywood entertainment…it influences. In addition, Just because it’s rated for a mature audiences doesn’t mean the right kind of people or audience will watch this. People will be influenced by it. Some may look at it through mature eyes but the pedo in the back won’t be. I refuse to stand back and let this pass by. Not when it’s playing on the backs of our innocent youth. We all stand for something and one of the things I stand against is the exploitation of children. Anyway, I think I have said all that I want to say for now. ✌🏼

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