Running This Race Called Life

I’m at the stand…the lemonade stand ready to go. I went through my check list one more time just to make sure:

  • Endurance ✔️
  • Training ✔️
  • Positivity ✔️
  • Stamina ✔️
  • Time ✔️
  • Willing to go ✔️

“Yup that was it! Come on Jesus let’s get going,” I said eagerly. But before we take off I noticed I was very thirsty and I also had no shoes or socks on my feet. “Oh, Lord before we go, could you get me a water bottle this is going to be a hard run and I forgot my shoes. Could you grab those to?” He turned away to grab my things…at first perplexed and then a smile came on his face. As he opened the door I yelled back, “I’ll get a head start.” And I started to run. The sun was shining and I noticed the pavement was hot to touch. “I can endure this”….. I thought…. “Keep going.” I reached a hill that the incline was almost at a standing. By this point I was completely out of breath and reaching for the steep stairs in front of me. “Oh, I probably should wait at this house.” I stopped at the door and realized it was one of Bens relatives. At first she couldn’t see the hard work I was doing because I only ran .5 of a mile. I told her I was thirsty and sweating. “Can’t you see the sweat on my arms?” After that statement, She invited me in. I sat and waited for Jesus. Somehow He knew I would stop here and he gave me a meal and a drink. The next thing I know I’m asleep. He didn’t do anything to my drink or food even though I suspected he did…but he didn’t. He laid my head and part of my body on his lap so I could sleep better. He then spoke. At first I can not comprehend what he is saying so I stay as still as I can till I can hear him. Once I was able to hear some of his conversation he said he was going to head out now and wait for me at the end of the race. “But I’m ready lord. I’m ready don’t leave.”

This is the dream I had the other night. We prepare and do what we think is best yet God knows what’s best for us. He knows when we are ready to step out in faith. He can see how we react to the people around us. He knows things about us that we can’t see. He is so in-depth in our lives and knows the complexity of our hearts and souls. Sometimes I feel I’m so ready for the race that God has given me but the truth is I’m not ready. In truth I leave behind valuable items, lessons, time with God and tools that would help sustain me throughout the journey. Every athlete knows that you can practice and have the right attitude yet if you lack the proper shoes, equipment, and self care for the big race you will fail because your body wont function properly. Lately, I haven’t always had the right motives yet I’m working on having the right mindset. I haven’t always nurtured my heart or done the right things that are good for my well-being. But once it is the right time it won’t be like rolling a snow ball up a large mountain. Once it’s the right time, that snowball will only need a nudge to take off rolling down the hill. But for now I feel the Lord wants me to be ready, rest and enjoy life. I have to remember that God has already ran my race over and over and over again in his heart and mind. He doesn’t just wait at the end for us but walks beside us in our journey. In addition, this life isn’t about how much money, followers, or people we influence. It’s about Jesus and our focus needs to be on Him. Its like he already has walked our path for us. He just wants us to focus on him and enjoy the things along the way. If we don’t we may always be looking for the next thing in life and before we know it we are 89. He has already ran our race, calculated the cost and knows what we will do before we even do it. Our focus should be sole on Him, always.

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