For Fame Or Friend

It’s occurred to me as I am writing, I am becoming frustrated. Although I do not expect people to read my posts I’m wondering what I need to change in order for people to engage. I’m not writing for fame but I feel that if a famous person was behind these words people would comment, rave, and share…every……there would be something. I started a blog because I wanted to gain people, perspective, share life, and eventually sell my books but I can’t feel I’m failing at this. Am I missing something? Did I miss the right time to be someone of importance? Am I just expecting to much? Am I posting the wrong content, to much posts or not enough? Am I not engaging people enough? Every post I post I’ve lost countless followers. Why?? Do I really stink??Either way it has left me confused and frustrated; honestly, I probably do not have a right to be at all but I am. In addition, what if blogging and YouTube isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. You know? Like was it this hard for Natalie Bennet, Sarah Therese, or other highly looked up to people?? Maybe God doesn’t support me because I’m not doing what I’m called to do. Maybe I’m dreaming way to big and all God wants me to be is a mom…which nothing is wrong with motherhood and I love my boys …I just thought I could do more than “just” being a mom. Maybe I’m being to hard on myself or placing higher value on my writings. Maybe I am being sore because certain people don’t look at my blogs so I’m placing my value as what they see me as. Anyway, today has been a day full of tears and sadness. I hope your day has been better than mine. ✌🏼

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19 thoughts on “For Fame Or Friend

  1. Fulfilling a purpose does not equate to results! Point being! drama and mudslinging gets way more attention. Nevertheless, there is an audience for you! I often think, would I want something or something if I was the only person on the planet! Like for instance a certain type of car. If I answer no, then it really isn’t where my heart is at and motives is people pleasing, which will turn to frustration. Do what you love and it will never become a task!
    By the way, every blogger starts off slow, the quickest way is to be genuine with other bloggers and engage them.
    Stay at it, nurture and water the seeds you have planted. take care!

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    1. I do love writing and I want my audience to be authentic. I think I get frustrated or disappointed in myself because I kinda know what I’m doing yet I don’t know what I’m doing still. All of it has been a learning curve, and attitude adjustment. It’s definitely helpful to hear others perspective on it too.

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  2. It’s the population of the youth that is dominating the internet, nowadays. These are the same people that have the least patience what so ever. They don’t feel excited in reading 500 words. They want things which have both music, picture and engagement. I think this is the reason why bloggers are not that popular these days……………

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  3. Blogging has become a highly competitive arena, especially in the age of outrage. I haven’t followed your blog for long, but it is its simplicity, honesty, and “realness” (if that’s a word!) that drew me to it.

    I hope you don’t get too discouraged. I found the book “Trust Me, I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday to be a very eye-opening peek behind the curtain of blogging and social media. The book might help you gain perspective.

    I hope you find peace about this soon! God bless 🙂

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  4. I just started following you and I love your honesty and openness. While I’m way beyond where you are in life, I remember the depression and helplessness I felt as a very young mother. I wasn’t a Christian then, and I was managing, but leaned heavily on an older friend who “got it”. No doubt there are young mothers who read and relate, but don’t have it in them to respond.

    Unless God tells you to stop, keep plugging away. You are awesome!

    Pat Derocher

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  5. Feelings like these come and go. I’ve certainly been here countless times myself, even though I really only blog to help me maintain my sanity and the core of who I am outside of mom. A few years ago, I was doing some reading on blogging and discovered it took most big name bloggers about 5 years to really get noticed. Of course there are those that get big and popular right away, but I don’t think that’s normal. It just takes time and a lot of work. Also, I’ve noticed that people are just busy these days, especially with working and distance learning and the regular maintenance of living we all have to do happening at the same time right now, so engaging with content isn’t really a priority for anyone. Just keep going, have plenty of grace for yourself, and love what you’re doing and you’ll get somewhere one day!

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