A Little About Me

Hello, I thought I’d write a little post on who I am and what in the world am I doing here. Firstly, if you are new here it’s not a coincidence. God brings people together to better ourselves, explore and to connect with others. I would love it if you followed me on my other social connections as well. Also check out my about section and blog posts in the menu bar!! Xoxo 💋

So who am I? My name is Bethany and I am a wife to a wonderful ginger man, a mom of two wonderful boys, and someone who loves Jesus, thrift shopping, anything natural or reusable..oh, and I hate pumpkin spice and coffee…. I’m not your average American mama. Never have been and never will. While everyone else has uniformed their outfits, the insta page, their blog, or other social connections; I am over here trying to figure out why everyone is trying to take away the color and joy in life. I’m not perfect nor do I wish to be and I love talking about the “shush” topics. I originally created this blog to be about pregnancy and other motherhood topics but it has taken a turn since then. I write about my lifestyle as a Christian stay at home mama. So Don’t get me wrong this blog IS about motherhood but it’s so much more than that. I talk about the miracles in the mundane, faith in our finances, and talk about different perspectives as a mom who has had to lean on God and friends for support. I enjoy genuine growth, respectful conversations, and being honest. I have a passion for helping others and seeing them thrive to their fullest potential. I also am excited because my very first kids book is being illustrated right now. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!!

Recent Posts:

  • Kids Book Update
    Okay I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated y’all on the process of my kids book. The story boarding is coming along nicely and I’m excited to see what she has created! She is a very talented artist who has a passion for kids books. There is so much love and joy being poured […]
  • Clothed In Righteousness
    The Lord has been good to us. One financial blessing we have experienced since having kids is that we have always had an abundance of kids clothes given to us. Ben and I could not afford the fancy, nicest clothes or splurge on extra clothes….and we still can’t. One day I felt God say “don’t […]
  • World At War
    I wrote this 4 years ago and it seems pretty fitting due to the current situation our country is in. It’s not perfect but it’s some great advice from my past self. And it’s written in poem form. It’s a tad political but it’s not much. I have things to say I have things to […]
  • Beauty For Ashes
    This verse is beautiful to me. The act of receiving a crown of beauty, and joy is a big deal to me. As I walk on this life journey with the Lordy, Lord; I’m finding out there is an abundance of love that God is willing to give. I’m realizing that it’s not all fire […]
  • Dealing With The Pain, Purpose, & Pregnancy
    When I became pregnant, I started to dream of the family I was about to have. However, I did not expect the physical and emotional pain that was involved with being pregnant. In the past I’ve tried to write about this but it has come out bitter and resentful. Now that I am 9 months […]
  • All The Bells And Whistles
    Some days I feel so empowered by God to just step out and just be me. Other days I forget about the beautiful creation God has made in me and think I need more than what he’s already given me. I feel and get overwhelmed that I don’t have all the bells and whistles…but if […]
  • Wives, Love HIM Where He’s At
    Many years ago before my husband and I were married I used to get annoyed at certain quirks that he did. You know like the classic leave his dirty clothes two feet away from the hamper kinda thing. You would think he would just know that it goes in the hamper right? But it never […]
  • Q & A- Come Chat With Me!
    So I wanted the chance to get to know each other more! There isn’t any rules and feel free to chat with others. I’m going to have 5 questions posted down below. Feel free to answer one, two or all of them!! Then you get to ask me a question which I will answer for […]
  • 5 Things I Wished I Knew BEFORE Becoming A Mom
    Motherhood man what can I say about motherhood?? There is so much involved in motherhood that this post isn’t even going to touch the surface of what I feel about being a mom. Being a mom is full of excitement, love, joy, happiness but sometimes motherhood can be SO hard. Don’t get me wrong, I […]
  • Repentance
    I think I need to do a little repentance. The blog posts I have been writing have not been the best and I’ve been complaining a lot more than usual. I think I’m trying to force my way into a current stream by trying so hard to be “successful” on my blog. Furthermore, I only […]

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