I think I need to do a little repentance. The blog posts I have been writing have not been the best and I’ve been complaining a lot more than usual. I think I’m trying to force my way into a current stream by trying so hard to be “successful” on my blog. Furthermore, I only have one video up on YouTube as I am trying to rebrand what I am doing there. How can I expect people to follow me as if I’m some piece of delicious cake if I only have one video?! I feel like a fruit cake that no one should eat. So I apologize for the random posts of frustration and demanding that I be something I’m clearly not. I guess out of my blindness I have gotten carried away from what really matters to me and that’s people. I feel I’ve been stuck on a cycle of depression because my expectations don’t meet my reality…but In reality I’m setting my expectations to high. So I thank you all for supporting me and forgive me for the complaining. I’m trying my darnedest to not complain. ✌🏼

14 thoughts on “Repentance

  1. If you had played cricket you could have relate to it very well……….But i am pretty sure you have not played or seen the sport cricket. Anyways there are different terms for the bowls being bowled . One such kind and the most difficult type (apparently unplayable) one is called BOUNCER BALL.
    Most of the great batsmen dodge it and let it go………Same way you just have to keep on playing dont worry about the balls being bowled……The score board will keep on moving 😁😁

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