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Q & A- Come Chat With Me!

So I wanted the chance to get to know each other more! There isn’t any rules and feel free to chat with others. I’m going to have 5 questions posted down below. Feel free to answer one, two or all of them!! Then you get to ask me a question which I will answer for you! Sound simple? Okay here we go! 😊

My questions are…. 👇🏼

Answer In the comments and then ask me a question!


  1. 1) I am myself a great inspiration….. More over the environment around me gives the ideas and enthusiasm for writing.
    2)Social media can’t be a niche of anyone….. it’s a place full of hustle
    3) I pre plan things so I get to know what’s I am supposed to do next……so I get to take rest sometimes a lot of rest also happens 😅😅
    4) Just continue doing what are have done till now……
    5) I had tasted neither so I had no clue how they taste…..but apple cider just sounds great so yes it is the choice 😁👍👍

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  2. Hi Silly Dilly Mama Bear, to answer some of your questions, I get inspiration from my past experiences and future goals. I get inspiration from sitting outside and doing nothing at all. Honestly, it’s all around me in everyone & everything (because I love coffee too lol) I love. And as far as the pumpkin spice vs. apple cider… well they both give me warm fuzzies sooo… it’s a tie!

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  3. Apple cider all the way!

    I find inspiration in seeing other people — especially women — living their dream lives in a way that’s authentic and soul-fulfilling …. not look at my hot car and fancy Rolex watch!

    Restful: reading fiction, naps, sitting quietly with my cats, relaxing on a balcony on a cruise ship

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  4. People inspire me every day.
    I have 2 niches – blogging Pinterest and content marketing, and the other is Mindful living and personal growth. I calm down with a good book or a Netflix binge. Totally cider girl. And whatever you are willing to share:)

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  5. 1- My relationship with Jesus gives me inspiration. My international friends do too.
    2- My niche feels like a composite. I share about my faith, about living with chronic illness, about other cultures.
    3-I am fortunate to have some time in the afternoons to take a nap if I need one.
    4- I am new to following your blog, so not sure.
    5- Apple Cider for me
    Question- What do you like about Fall?

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    1. I also love many things about fall! I love the leaves changing and the temperature change. I used to love living in NY because they had so many things you could do and eat. But here in the south they don’t have that much. However, I’m finding the small things that make me happy here like nice weather and 2 gardening seasons.

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