World At War

I wrote this 4 years ago and it seems pretty fitting due to the current situation our country is in. It’s not perfect but it’s some great advice from my past self. And it’s written in poem form. It’s a tad political but it’s not much.

I have things to say

I have things to say

But what if things don’t go my own way?

Will I sit and sulk or protest the results?

Will I run or hide and mask my despise?

What does a country mean to be if all we’re doing is getting angry

One divided, with no God, no discipline ,without respect, this is our country and its a wreck.

Listen closely to what I say our country needs a change today

We have rights this I know but there being taken from under our nose

We’re offended by ever thing just to gain a little fame

There are no facts to back us up we just complain and I’ve had enough

If you want a change start with its people don’t lean on a crutch that will ruin it’s people

To not accept ones point of view is not to hate the person too

We are spoiled and a privileged crew

we walk by others that are in need and then wonder why we’re in misery.

It’s all about me and the latest fashion scheme, a false image for us to see

Families work to the bitter deep yet is this how we want to be

What must we do to take the better leap?

I have things to say

I have things to say

But does anyone care what I have to say?

Bethany Munson

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