Kids Book Update

Okay I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated y’all on the process of my kids book. The story boarding is coming along nicely and I’m excited to see what she has created! She is a very talented artist who has a passion for kids books. There is so much love and joy being poured into these kids books and I’m super excited for the day I’ll hold them in my hands. Now I have to be honest, she is worth every cent that these books cost and I honestly believe that God directed our paths together…a story I would love for her through her eyes. I just do not have the funds to create the book at this time. It’s okay as it teaches me patience. The price is a very generous number considering some illustrators cost a lot more. In addition, I am paying for quality not quickness or cheapness. I have had a couple people say “why don’t you have a friend draw it” but I feel very strongly that this is the way to go for a few reasons I won’t go into today. I just wanted to let you in on my book making thing. I know that God will make a way for these books come to life. I know there is a purpose for these books. Thank you for taking the time to read! XOXO 💋

*If you feel in your heart that you would love to give to my dream please check out the link below to my paypal account. In addition, this is not a place to give advice or say “why didn’t you just…get a friend, or do it yourself” kind of moment. Please respect and know that I consciously decided and prayed that this was the best route for the books and I’m not regretting this decision by asking for assistance… Thank you!

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