A Little About Me

Hello, I thought I’d write a little post on who I am and what in the world am I doing here. Firstly, if you are new here it’s not a coincidence. God brings people together to better ourselves, explore and to connect with others.

My name is Bethany and I am a wife to a wonderful ginger man, a mom of two wonderful boys, and someone who loves Jesus, thrift shopping, anything natural or reusable..oh, and I hate pumpkin spice and coffee…. I’m not your average American mama. I currently went through a weight loss and mindset transformation but that not just what I wrote about. I write about my lifestyle, faith and emotions of a stay at home wife and mom. Why do I write about this? Because as a culture I feel we down play the emotions and feelings of a stay at home mom and wife. It’s hard. I have personally struggled with the transition from being a single woman to a married woman to being a mom, wife and normal human woman.

I struggle with comparison, complaining, loneliness, and the real raw amazing emotions of a mom and wife might feel in their life. There is a lot of mundane, cleaning, and feelings that go into raising human beings. I didn’t realize the need for this type of writing in today’s culture until so many other moms reached out saying I have felt this way but no one talks about this stuff so I felt alone. I’m here to say I get it! However, I’m just going to lay this on the table, I’m not perfect nor do I wish to be and I love writing about these topics. So if you need a boost in faith, or emotional validation or talk about the miracles in the mundane, faith in our finances, then you are in the right spot….also did I mention I write kids books? My very first kids book is being illustrated right now. So exciting!! So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!!

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