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Why Is God Impossible

Since we are in the middle of the holiday season this looming thought has been over my head since Halloween. The purpose of this post is not to attack anyone. The questions are not out of anger but of genuine curiosity. I also am not asking out of a place of insecurity. I know my identity through Christ and hold true to the truth and knowledge of God. The thought is How is God impossible yet other means of worship are possible? How is it that there can be a “Mother Nature”, Goddesses, incantations to false gods and other idols to worship, some people place their trust in the universe, science ( specifically the evolution theory because Christians are for science and it’s discovery) or nothing at all yet the possibility of God ever existing is impossible? How can all that be validated but God can not be? Or how come you get angry at God when life fails…wouldn’t you get angry at what you believed in?

Another thing I’m curious about is how come non believers fight as if they know who God is. How can people claim they know the character of God when they have never actually pursued Him? A lot of people compare God to our earthly parents, role models or preachers but those people sometimes fail us. I know I have compared God to my earthly parents yet the Bible says God is (paraphrasing) 1000% better than our earthy father and He will never fail us….a statement I know to be true! I wouldn’t mind having a conversation about who God is with someone IF they had been walking with Jesus and finding out who God is for years and years…But if you haven’t been walking with the Lord, reading the Bible daily, and/or going to church how do you know who God is? I mean you wouldn’t want someone to judge you off of another persons I’ll point of view…in addition, if you have read the Bible, gone to church, and still choose to go a different path I can respect your decision.

I’m also not saying you have to be perfect in your walk or uphold religious statuses but I’m just curious how people who do not follow God nor care about the Bible suddenly become experts in theologies and the Bible when they want to argue their point. I mean wouldn’t someone want to find out the truth or research more before pinning an argument? Personally, I’ve been on both side of the spectrum and when I was on the non Christian side of the spectrum I was miserable, hateful, and so sinful. I also fought like I knew who God was and out of anger. The things that came out of my mouth were from people who didn’t know the character of God, how society saw Jesus, and how the media portrayed God. I despised the Lord yet also tried to say I was a Christian. I thought I could be Bi-sexual and still live a Godly life. I was nowhere near a Christian heart or attitude. I used to make up stuff and believe things because It suited what I wanted but my actions and thoughts never satisfied my heart and I was always miserable. When I found Jesus, this overwhelming joy, happiness and security fell over my body and soul. Something I had never felt actually ever on my 28 years on this earth. When I met Jesus and actually started to find out His heart and love I felt my life start to eminent happiness, forgiveness and compassion. If I could go back and relive the part where I chose to do whatever I wanted, and do as I please I would 1000% never choose that path. I’m just being honest but doing whatever I wanted didn’t come without a price. I had to spend years of healing, and breaking off generational curses. It wasn’t an easy road and I’m still healing from some wounds. I’m not perfect in my walk but I do know that Jesus loves me and forgives me when I mess up. I know He is the only way to heaven and a good life here on earth. I know that I can lean on God when tough times come and I can walk those painful parts of life out with “joy.” If you want to know who Jesus is personally please let me know. I will pray for you and help you find your way to him.


  1. Before I was a Christian, I too was “miserable, hateful, and so sinful.” The reason it took me so long to follow Christ was because 1. I was abused by a man and wanted nothing to do with men, and that’s why I turned to “goddess worship” instead and 2. My family was a HORRIBLE example of Christians, and I (foolishly) thought all Christians were like that. I also 3. Had zero knowledge of the Bible.

    It was arrogance, ignorance, and pride on my part. And as someone formerly into new age (not anymore!) I can tell you that people talk about the Bible as though they know it. They. Don’t.

    I can relate to your frustrations, definitely. It took me reading the Bible in 2018 to soften my heart and follow Christ, and I can only hope people get curious enough to simply start reading! Take care and God bless 🙂

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    1. I can understand all of this! I also was abused by a man and some of not most of my family are very poor examples of Christians so I wanted nothing to do with the faith for awhile. I hope people get curious too! Thanks for sharing!!

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