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Christmas My Favorite Thing Tag For Fun

Christmas My Favorite Things Tag has different categories, food, song, when to open presents, people to visit, celebrating Jesus. You may also add a category if you wish.

How to join in?  Share the link to the original post- Christmas My Favorite Things Tag. Use any Christmas theme picture. Share your favorite things for each category. Tag whoever you wish.

I will start with my favorite things.


Food is about one of my favorite things. I love mashed potatoes, ham, and cranberry sauce. For dessert, I enjoy homemade brownies the best for dessert.


My decorations are simple right now as I have littles who would love to play with the decor. My decor though is very minimal. I’d love to update my Christmas tree to a Christmas cross and get some newer decor but that’s being saved for the future.


I absolutely love “ Mary did you know.” And the Chris Tomlin-Noel ft Lauren Daigle . If you haven’t heard these or just enjoy the song check out the links above.

When to open presents

Open one on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning. Although this year we have opened three so far.

People to visit

Well, I’d love to visit family but we do not live close to them so we enjoy our quality time and time with our friends.

Celebrating Jesus

I love this one the most! I love to especially be reminded that even though we are receiving gifts and presents our Lord and savior came to this earth to give us the ultimate gift which is eternal life.

Thank you Jesusluvsall for tagging me! If they choose to participate, I am tagging:

Thoughts matching resonance

Autism in our nest


Just a Jesus girl

I of course would love to take more but #motherhood and #holidays. 🥰


  1. What a nice idea! I loved reading the things you shared! Brownies are definitely a favorite of mine, too. I like adding red and green M&M’s around this time of year. Hmmm…might be time to stir up a batch…🙂


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