Trying To Be Modest

So I really want to show y’all the hard work; however, I’m struggling with finding how to be modest while doing so and show y’all in a way that won’t induce comparison or defeat in another person. I don’t like showing off my body and try to cover it up basically all the time. I think about these things because I really struggle with comparison. But I think I have found out a way to show y’all without losing touch of my modesty while being honoring to someone else’s feelings. I will say I am really excited to show y’all the results and if your not already following this blog maybe hit that follow button because I will be sharing some realistic tips, tricks and more on how I was able to lose weight AND be a super momma. I also didn’t sacrifice a lot food wise in order to do this too.

My journey took a solid good year to lose the weight and now I’m toning and strengthening my core. I realized my core has taken a major hit as I carried two beautiful, but heavy 9.8 lbs, boys. So when you will see my abdomen you’ll notice quite a lot of loose skin. I’m not actually bothered by it as I’ve been changing how I look at my body and see it as beautiful….I’ve come so far and I’m so proud of the progress I have made. One thing I’d like to add is there is only 12 weeks we’re I wrote down my weight loss. I hit a wall and didn’t lose anything for weeks until I started a new job. When I was there I shed the last 10lbs because I was active 3-4 hours more out of the day. I was walking and meeting my steps everyday I worked. When I stopped working there, I started to workout to my favorite YT videos which I’ll link here….30 Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout . I tried to workout to this 2-3 times a week. When I wasn’t doing this I was working on my abs doing the Tone And Tighten routines. I didn’t do these workouts everyday but I did do them at least once a week.

Anyway here are some past statistics to look at while y’all are eagerly waiting my post of my final transformation. Oh and join me on Instagram because I like interacting a lot there almost daily. Instagram handle: bethany_munson_ or blessed beyond measure 😊

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2 thoughts on “Trying To Be Modest

  1. You look fantastic! All your hard work is paying off 🙂 But may I ask how you determined the goal of 125 lbs? That sounds very small, and I say that from a place of love. In any case, you look radiant and happy! Yay!

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